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About 2 months ago I had a deep composite filling in the top right tooth (not the wisdom tooth or the one in front of that, but the one in front of them, the other 2 have been removed). There was a bit of sensitivity initially but over the course of about 7 weeks that sensitivity was reduced to only things really really cold. I went to the dentist as he was fitting a crown on another tooth last Wednesday, he checked the previous filling he put in and did a tap test. He was encouraged by the fact that the sensitivity had reduced drastically and decided that the filling should be fine and a crown was not needed.
Then 3 days later that tooth started to hurt. Then over the course of the next few days it got worse, however it just wasn't the tooth, but the gum and the outside of my face and then the pain seem to come from the entire top right teeth stopping short of the canine. I have had a lot of trouble sleeping the last 2 nights as the pain is a lot worse when I lie down. I get up, walk around and the pain goes away after about 5 minutes.
I went to the emergency dental ward at my local hospital today (my dentist is on holiday). They did several tests here are the outcomes:
1) Tap test on all the teeth on the top right - no pain
2)cold test on the tooth with the deep composite filling - intense pain each time
3) Made me look down and shake my head - also some pain

After poking at the filling and taking several x-rays, they could not see any damage to the root yet. So the dentist said it was probably a sinus problem and prescribed antibiotics and told me to breathe in camphor vapour and take ibruprofen for the pain.
Could my sinuses be the reason and not the filling? Up until about 3 weeks ago I was suffering from intense hayfever.
Also today (after taking an antibiotic and ibruprofen) the pain has subsided quite a bit, particularly in the jaw and cheek. What is unusual is that when I'm chewing there is no pain, only after I finish eating.

Any help would be much appreciated


It could be related to your sinuses, as often times the pressure from the sinus pushes onto the teeth. Especially if they found no abnormality on the xrays or intra-orally, then a sinus issue could be the source of your pain. I would give the antibiotics their full regimen and see if the pain is gone. If it is - great! If not, then the tooth with the deep filling may need some more dental work.

Good luck


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