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I recently quit chewing tobacco, and I am nervous about oral cancer. I'm aware that oral cancer usually occurs on the tongue, but I have a question about the floor of the mouth. I recently noticed 2 soft, I believe movable bumps under the soft tissue of the floor of my mouth. I believe I noticed them about a week ago, and I have not observed any changes. I know I should be looking for white spots, reddish rough areas, as well as loose teeth, bad breath, painful chewing, etc. I am not exhibiting any of these symptoms, but that doesn't matter. About 3 weeks ago, I went to my dentist to get an oral cancer screen. He told me I had nothing to worry about, and that I should just quit chewing tobacco. I am a huge hypochondriact, and as soon as I found these bumps under the floor of my mouth with my tongue, I instantly became alarmed. My anxiety is through the roof, and I feel as if I should go and seek out a second opinion. These lumps in my mouth are not noticeable by sight, only by examination of my index finger or tongue. They are directly opposite of each other, and they hug my jaw line, but are not connected to my jaw line. They are towards the front of my mouth, and they are on either side of the midline of my mouth. They are the same size, (I'd say they are about 2-3 mm on size). I do not have any numbness, and I believe I do not have any other abnormal symptoms besides feeling anxious.

Thank you in advance for any details you may be able to give me.

Nicholas - First of all, what you describe as the two bumps on either side of the midline and below the tongue are normal.  They are the points of exit of saliva from a major salivary gland on either side located below the jaw towards the back  of the mouth.  So what you describe is completely and totally normal.  

Stopping the tobacco chewing is a very good idea as many chewers develop problems, but you do not seem to have one yet.

So relax, you have a normal anatomy in the area.


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