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I had a Root Canal performed on tooth #17 on Monday(Its now Wednesday). I still have that 1 wisdom tooth, because it occludes with my 2nd maxillary molar(Class 3 occlusion on the left side). They filled 3 canals with Gutta Percha, placed glass ionomer and a cotton ball, then placed IRM. I believe it was 20MM in depth. My question is, this was done 2 days ago and whenever I bite down on that tooth, it still hurts. I though with the Pulp Chamber being cleaned out with the sodium Hypochloride and files that i would not feel any pain in that tooth. Its only whenever I bite down or actually push down on the tooth. I am taking 800mg of Motrin and I am eating only on my right side until I have a permenant filling placed on this. How long does the pain usually last after a RCT treated tooth? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. (I am a Dental Technician in the US Navy, so I will understand any terminology) Thank you so much for your assistance in advance.

It's much too soon to worry, Scott. You are bound to get some inflammation when you rip out nerves, blood vessels, and the associated connective tissue. Try a simple test: tap, tap, tap your teeth together with nothing in your mouth. If this hurts, have somebody adjust the tooth out of occlusion. If not, then just avoid chewing on it like you have been doing, and give it a couple weeks. Some people are asymptomatic right after the procedure, but most need a couple days to a couple weeks. If it persists after a couple weeks, with no signs of getting better, then you might need to have someone look into it. BTW, thanks for your service. I am a retired Army O-6 myself, 24 years.

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