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X-Ray picture
X-Ray picture  
My tooth No 26 (upper jaw) is half-broken, so the dentist recommended me to make an implant. To make it the remainder of the tooth shall be first extracted which is clear. But he told me that before that the neighboring tooth No 25 shall be deadened (i.e. its nerves shall be killed and channels sealed) to prevent possible complications after the extraction. This is the question is it really necessary to do that?.

X-ray is attached (done with temporarily seal on #26, so not possible to see #26, but the question is about 25)

when an implant is placed in a space it should not be necessary to perform root canal therapy on a tooth adjacent to the space due to implant placement.I am not familiar with your numbering system.Her in the US we use 1-16 for upper teeth.something doesn't sound right,perhaps a miscommunication.


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I`m a practicing general dentist for 29 years. Member of ADA,NYSDA,SDDS. In addition I am a fellow of the ICOI.My emphasis is on Implant Dentistry .I would be happy to answer questions regarding implant dentistry as well as general dental questions. Ofcourse within the limitations of no clinical exam and the absence of radiographs .


Private practice for 29 years. Have kept up to date with continuing education throughout that time.

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