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Dentistry/does using a string to pull back gums for crown make pain more intense?


I am a 26 year old female. I had no pain in the right side of my mouth EVER. However, one of my fillings broke off, so I made an appointment at the dentist 2 days later. Although I had no pain at all, he said decay had gotten under the broken filling so I needed a root canal. I asked him about the pain etc...he said because I was in no pain before, after the root canal only my gums would be sore. I had the root canal done a week later, which was this past Wednesday. The endodontist did the root canal, I did not know he was done as he often left me lying there to go numb other patients. One time he left and turns out he was done with me. They moved me to the next room to see the dentist to get impressions for my permanent and to place the temporary. The dental assistant did everything! I saw that dentist for 2 seconds. 3 days later and ALL my teeth on the right are aching like toothaches. My gums hurt terribly as does my jaw bone. I now have an earache in the right ear. The dentist said, after I called him, that he does not believe it is an infection and I do not need antibiotics. He says he should have explained that the crown is verrry invasive and the string tearing up my gums is what is causing my pain. Does the string enhance pain compared to not pulling back the gums with a string? Or, should I demand antibiotics/get a 2nd opinion to check it out? I went from never having pain before to being miserable 72 hours after the root canal. Thanks!

hi maria , the string they used is called a retraction cord. a properly placed cord should never cause pain , what i suspect is they cut off some of the gums during the crown cutting procedure that is causing the pain .it will be fine once you take analgesics .


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