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Hello Doctor,

One of my lower wisdom tooth has been fully erupted for few years now and I had a very deep filling ( upto 2mm above the root) for 2 years in it until few weeks ago when I had to et the filling again because a little part of cavity was formed on it.

The filling that is placed in thee is a semipermanent one. Now the problem is - I have noticed that since past 4 days the gum surrounding is sort of red and probably swollen because when I chew I keep biting on it.... It's hurting too...

Would you know why the gum has swollen when the tooth is fully erupted?

Thank you

Hello, thank you for your question.  There are a number of reasons for the tooth being swollen.  It could have been some trauma from the injection in the area, it might have been irritated during the restorative process, there might be some infection between the gum and the tooth. It's possible for two or three reasons as all teeth have a groove between the gum and the tooth called the gingival sulcus.  On wisdom teeth this groove can be a bit deeper especially on the back part of the tooth which is probably where you're biting on it. Check with your dentist and in the meantime make sure you keep the area  very clean and if possible run floss down the back side of the tooth as far under the gum as possible.  One last possibility is that the tooth has become infected ( I doubt this ) due to the deep filling and it's trying to drain through the swollen part of the tooth.  This last part is unlikely.  I hope this helps.

Dr Karmen


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