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Dentistry/dental pain with possible infection; 20 year old(failed) bi-laterall hip replacements


Hello Doctor:

I am male, average height and weight. I have a lower rear tooth on the right side that has broken apart, over a period of years.

I have neglected the tooth until I could get insurance, and I now have Medicaid, so I have calling Dr.'s and clinics trying to get an appointment.

I know, under normal circumstances, I would need to take a prophylactic dose of amoxicillin, 2 grams, one hr before dental work. I found an ADA web page recommending extending the time period to "life f the arthoplasty".

However, I suspect I already have an infection in the tooth area, as I have experienced severe pain, ear pain, headache, fever like symptoms.

To complicate matters, my 20 year hip replacements "catastrophically failed" due to osteolysis;and recent blood tests found my my vitamin D count was only 17.

I know that's a lot of information. My question is brief: will the dental surgeon at the clinic be able to remove a toot if I present with a temperature and other signs of infection?

A bit more info: I've never had any work done on my wisdom teeth. I'm 54 and last saw a dentist al least 13 years ago.

Thank you for your time.

John - If you have an infected tooth that needs extraction it should be extracted as soon as possible.  Especially with your hip it is important to remove that possible source of bacterial contamination for the hip.  So the dentist should prescribe and antibiotic first and then remove the tooth the following day.  

You may also have other dental problems and you need to be fully evaluated by that clinic to fully determine what else might be present.  

So get that tooth out as soon as possible.


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