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Extraction Site
Extraction Site  
I had my top left molar and wisdom tooth taken out on Tuesday. It is now Monday and I have little to no pain at times. From what I've read I'm not sure i have dry socket as all of read states the pain is unbearable. I've done mouth rinses with salt and warm water. I was not prescribed antibiotics before or after the removal. I want to say it went pretty smooth other than having to break the molar away little by little because it was a cavity and the dr. did not want to just yank it out. The wisdom tooth was smooth I would say for my first extractions ever. My only concern is it not healing. I see some white stuff which I hear us normal and I do see what I think is the blood clot but I'm unsure of this yellow stuff around it. Could it be infected if so what measures could I take at home to heal faster?

That appears to be an necrotic clot. I would suggest  that this be removed and allowed to reclot.  I think that it looks all right other than that. If this were not painful I'd suggest leaving it alone but since you have pain, if this is removed and allowed to clot again it should be fine. I don't see signs of infection.


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