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I had upper and lower implants Tuesday and everything went wrong! I believe my sinus cavity was breached as fluid flows through my nose when I drink! I whistle when I breath which is difficult. Hematoma under my tongue looked like a bullfrog the first night and swelling has gone down significantly, but I also have on my right inside cheek a gaping whole possibly 1/2" or greater which is collecting particles when I eat even mashed potaoes. There should not be a whole in my cheek as it's nowhere near my implants. I was to have 4 but he put in 6 lower ones. He was to leave my upper alone if there was any problem with the lower. BUT he did the uppers too, with 6 implant and I believe he entered my sinus cavity. When I awoke from anesthesia I asked for xrays to make sure it didn't happen but the lab tech was only one around plus a nurse as the doctor had left and they could not do xray.
I'm seeing doctor today because he called and asked me to give him a chance to correct the problems, and don't know whether to continue or go elsewhere to fix the sinus problem. What do you suggest?

By all means get into someone immediately. Every thing you have described is in need of immediate treatment. Go to the first qualified dentist available and do it soon. I would suggest you get a second opinion from someone other than the Doctor that did your surgery. I guess my problem is that I do not like to see a Doctor do surgery and then disappear.

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