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Hello, and thank you for your time. I recently had the last of the extractions needed and had full dentures imediately placed last monday (toal of week and one day since surgery and denture placement. The dentist told me i'm not healing very quickly, and i'm having a lot of issues with denture pain, bone poking through the gum and it not healing. I've had several adjustments but i still feel the urge to have the dentures out of my month because of so much discomfort. I was told to keep them in 24hours to get the gums to heal to the denture. Is this standard practice? I've seen a lot of information online that says that the best thing to do is rest them for at least a little while each day. ALso the only way i can get and keep them in for any length of time is to line them with over the counter numbing agents and i'm concerned about being exposed to it 24 hours a day day in and day out. I'd love to get another opinion and i'm wondering if it's the denture not being made properly and if I should be taking them out to rest and heal or suffering through the pain.

thank you,

Hello Kate and thank you for your question,

Firstly it is common to try to leave the dentures in for a 24 hour period following immediate placement of the denture.  Just for your information there are several ways to do this type of work, one of which is what was done for you and another where the teeth are removed and then the patient is allowed to heal, and then the denture is made.  Usually I like to see a temporary denture made when it is going to be placed as yours was so I don't know if yours is intended to be temporary or not and for the purpose of this answer I will consider that this denture is not a temporary type.  If you are in this much pain, and you have pieces of bone still extruding from your extractions sites, then by all means leave that denture out.  There is a school of thought saying that keeping them in will allow the bone to conform to the denture but in the event of a problem like yours it is not essential.  Think about eventual implants to stabilize the denture it would help but for now leave it out, rinse often with very warm salt water and allow the tissues to firm a bit.  Go back to the dentist that made these for you often, have him adjust them as often as necessary and reline when needed.  Don't suffer. There is no need for that.  As far as the numbing creams you're using I'd suggest that you stop using them as it is simply a stop gap measure and will not help the final result.  I can't say your denture was improperly made but I think that, since you heal poorly then more frequent attention to your problem is necessary.  I am sure you had pain meds prescribed so use them as necessary, use the rinses, and heal.  A reline or rebase can be done after more healing has occurred.  I hope this helps you.

Dr. Karmen


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