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Dr Backlund: I was assuming the gutta percha is OK and the resin and sealer is the allergen.  I will ask the allergist if there is a test for allergy to gutta percha (trans-1,4-polyisoprene).
Do most US endodonists use pre-resined gutta percha? Most of  the MSDS sheets for gutta percha don't include resin.  If it doesn't have resin, does the endodonist prepare it with the sealer resin, or a different epoxy resin, before insertion? Thanks again for your help.

Hi Bonnie,

Here is a link to an article in one of our journals about gutta percha and what it is composed of It appears that it is about 3% waxes or resins. We use it "out of the box" and don't treat or add anything. However, the cement used can vary depending on the brand that is chosen by the dentist. Some are definitely resin based and other are zinc oxide & eugenol based. Once again, we use them "out of the box", so it might take some research by you or your endodontist to make sure the cement(sealer)is resin free. This does not eliminate the 3% in the gutta percha however and right now, that is the standard for filling materials since it has the best history for success.

Hope this helps some anyway.

Gary Backlund DMD, MSD


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