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Hi, I need a chairside veneer on top of my front teeth but I also have cavities in the back of my teeth. The dentist said that the chairside veneer only covers the front of my teeth so that I have to pay for the cavity/filling on the back of my teeth separately.

Do you normally have to pay for front tooth treatment & also back teeth treatment separately? So since the chairside veneer is on the front of my teeth, I pay for that & then I have to pay for simple filling on back of my teeth too. Or can I find a dentist that only charges for chairside veneer & still get treatment on front & back together?

Please let me know. thank you.

dental work is charged by the individual work that is done...that is per tooth, per restoration. you can have the work done at the same time. that is not a problem at all. when it is charged out it will be charged as a front tooth restoration and a back tooth restoration. we are stuck using codes that describe everything we do. i hope this explains it better for you,

good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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