Dr.I would like to know is the rebase impression for an upper denture is  a pink color, like the palate of a denture, or is it  white alginate impression material that is put in?

the rebase impression can be any color. it is merely an impression of the arch. the model is poured inside of the denture and then the case is rebased (all new pink material).

now i wonder if you are asking me about the color of a reline material. it is usually pink like a normal denture. now there are hard reline materials and soft ones. the hard ones are all pink. there are some soft ones but these are usually tissue conditioner reline materials and they are not meant to stay long (only a temporary reline).

i hope this is not too confusing. ask your dentist point blank what he or she is it a rebase (all new pink) or a reline (only a liner) and if a liner, what type and for how long.

good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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