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Dentistry/Sores on cheek-mouth cancer?


I have a lot of bumps on my cheeks (not painful unless I bite my cheek though) that I have had for several years.
I checked my mouth for signs of leukoplakia or mouth cancer, and I saw that all around my cheeks/mouth (not just on the bumps) large areas of the skin was kind of cloudy/chalky – slightly lighter shade of pink but not white.
The “bump” areas were not more discolored than other areas (in fact they looked more reddish/pink).
Would this sound like just normal discoloration plus canker sores that don’t go away? Or could it be leukoplakia/precancer/cancer?
And…..who should I see about this? A doctor (ENT???) or a dentist?

this is tough to give you any definitive answers without seeing things in person. you should see your dentist and have him/her take a look and give you a definitive answer. if he/she has any questions, he/she can refer you to an oral surgeon for a more definitive diagnosis. an oral surgeon is the one who can do a biopsy if needed...and is also the one to do the treatment if something needs removal. make the call and get in...that will put your mind at ease.

good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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