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QUESTION: My tooth problem, based on different clinic/hospitals I have been too :

1) Infection below tooth(One of molar)

2) No root-nerves can be found (Either in this tooth or any of tooth)

3) On doing root canal treatment doctor said that she is not able to open up the canal except one and doing root canal treatment will give only 5% chance for tooth to

be saved. And suggestion :

a) Either carry on root canal treatment with just one canal opened but with 5% success rate only

b) Remove tooth and go for implantation or bridge.

But before that I wish to give last try by visiting a doctor who will say that "Yes, he/she can save my tooth".

For me my tooth are special case only because till now I haven't found a dentist/orthodontist who said that he/she has seen a similar tooth like me and know what is

the best solution for my tooth. Everyone gave suggestions based on what they know about normal teeth but my teeth need a special procedure like a special treatment.

Fillings has already caused or may be enhanced my tooth infection. One of orthodontist whom I visited said as they cannot see any root nerves/roots so they cannot do

root canal treatment here and I must visit another specialist. I am happy they did what they can but what they can't they gave a good suggestion..They seeing my first

complete teeth x-ray said that all my tooth have no roots/root nerves as it was not visible in x-ray.

When I visited a specialist who was going to do my root canal treatment I told her same but she carried on with treatment ... When she started on half-way means around

1 hour In treatment room she stopped and asked to visit again... After being home , I stayed almost half day with an un-bearable pain..

Second visit and she said that the canals in tooth , she is only able to open one and other two canals are completely blocked due to calcification and infection...At

that time I told her about my other tooth that all of them have no nerves , which she saw again and said they are dead tooth and it is a case-study..

On asking to a doctor in India, she said how can a tooth be in its position with no roots.

Right now all other tooth give only one command "To save the tooth"..

Can you  provide best solution?

Question by doctor : Are these tooth of glass color(means transparent) due to some accident?

Answer : No, I have these tooth by birth and by will of God they are there since 20 years (As I am in my 20's now)..

And if in doctor's term they are dead teeth with no roots, and how are they able to be in their position for so long?
Answer is simple miracles by God happen :)

Currently :

- I have full teeth x-ray available in cd from the private dental clinic.

- Tooth's temporary and permanent both fillings are removed already.

- Tooth is now covered with small cotton but with horrible pain sometimes , to it and neighboring tooth too.

- Some soreness below tongue, may be due to use of dental instruments for too long on that side, while being in treatment room.

Awaiting your kind response :)


ANSWER: This is quite a story you tell me and I will do my best to answer.  I have not seen the x-rays but it seems to me that you have a condition called Dentinogenisis Imperfecta which means the root canals in the teeth to not exist and you are correct, there is a good possibility that you have had this condition since birth and since the permanent teeth erupted.  There is no cure.  Because there is no root canals or nerves inside the teeth does not mean that you cannot keep them with the exception of the one to which you have referred.  In my opinion this tooth should be removed because from what you told me there is no possible way of saving this one.  The only outside chance you would have would be to do what is called an apicoectomy which is surgery to seal the tooth from underneath.  I highly caution you that you do not do this because even that is probably a failure.  I wish I had a good answer  but the truth is that this tooth is now condemned especially since it has a partial root canal that is failing. Your pain is unfortunate and I suggest you have the tooth removed soon but the rest of your teeth I would do nothing and continue to use them as you always have. If you wish to place an implant where this tooth is being removed, that would be acceptable if your health is good enough to warrant that. I wish I had better news.

Dr. Karmen

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Teeth X-ray
Teeth X-ray  
QUESTION: Thank-you doctor for your answer. I have decided to visit another doctor(Specialist) in coming weeks and your answer/suggestion will help me to take a final decision. I will even let know about your response to the doctor whom I am going to visit shortly.

For your reference, I am attaching my complete teeth x-ray.

Thank-you again :)


ANSWER: You are very welcome, the abscess on tooth number 30 is very evident, also it appears that you might have a primary or deciduous tooth remaining as well.  That's not important to your present situation but after having seen your x-ray (thank you for including it) it confirms my suspicions and I am confident my diagnosis is correct.  I wish you well in your future treatment.

Dr. Karmen

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QUESTION: Thank-you Again Doctor for your quick response :)

Last night i was searching on internet about "Dentinogenisis Imperfecta" and after seeing pictures of people having it, i could make out that i am having the same (As you mentioned it too). I also came across another video  on you-tube :

Although i have similar tooth color like her (Except from little whiteness she has) but my teeth condition is by God still better than her.

From a little research i did online i found out that such teeth need a lot more care than normal one's from a very young age itself otherwise as a person grows old the tooth condition starts becoming poorer(even more than normal teeth). However, i was not able to find any solution for how to take care of such teeth. Although, on some sites it was mentioned that braces and root canal can harm the tooth more than any benefit.

But nowhere it was mentioned about cleaning of such tooth , what about bleaching , flossing, etc. As dental cleaning also involves use of specialized instruments so if the person who is having "Dentinogenisis Imperfecta" does it like after every 6 months, will it affect the tooth conditions (in a sense that they will become more poorer) ?

Another solution that was shown in the video and also i read online was doing cosmetic surgery on teeth but will it really does any good when only front of teeth are covered by lighter enamel but under-teeth remain same? How far will such a surgery work?

I will be so grateful if you assist me in getting answers to these questions as i want to take care of natural teeth (apart from the carelessness that happened in past) in  a way that they never worn out of their original form --> which, God Forbid, if happens will lead to take a Complete/Partial Denture  :(
[ As that cosmetic surgeon in you tube video above was saying that slowly your teeth will dissolve. He is making person to fear more and providing cosmetic surgery is not a long-term solution as per my knowledge] --> It will be great if you provide some recommendations/solutions about it too :)

As my faith is : If every lock was send with a key in world by GOD, then every disease/genetic dis-order has been send with a solution too -- Only need is to sort it out. Also, some deformities are good too like "dimples" :)



Hello again Reem, I'm happy to do what I can for you.  From what I can tell mostly your question is not about caring for your teeth. There is no restriction on cleaning or brushing or flossing at all with this condition.  I would agree to avoid root canal treatment and orthodontics (braces) as that would possibly cause you some problems.  Feel free to brush regularly and consistently and well but do not use a very stiff brush, be gentle with your teeth.  I think by mentioning the cosmetic surgery you are referring to veneers and that is going to to depend on the teeth.  As the Doctor said in the video sometimes we must go to a full crown to cover the entire tooth but if there is good tooth structure, even if it is discolored, there is nothing wrong with using a veneer which would add strength and be a great cosmetic benefit.  Make sure you stay very diligent in brushing and flossing and also make certain you stay very consistent with professional visits.  I hope this helps again.

Dr. Karmen


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