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Hello, I quit chewing tobacco a couple months ago, and I'm worried about oral cancer. I had an oral cancer screening about 2 months ago, and my dentist said I was fine. I originally went in for a cleaning, and because my wisdom teeth were hurting me. He told me I should have them taken out soon, and that none were impacted. One wisdom tooth is fully grown in (upper right) and my bottom left one is poking through. The other two are not growing or poking through. Lately, every so often, I have a difficulty chewing. I always exam my mouth for any abnormality, and I never see any. I am not losing weight or getting off sores or red/white patches. I am not bleeding or have any loose teeth. The only thing I have are receding guns, and dull pain in my upper wisdom teeth. I don't have this discomfort everyday, it just happens sometimes. I didn't dip for a long time, but I'm still worried this could be a sign of oral cancer. Im not sure what to do, my anxiety is through the roof.

Nick -  Of course, without examining you I cannot be completely sure, but it sounds like you are having inflammation(not cancer) from the wisdom teeth.  Let me tell you that if your teeth are not fully erupted, they are impacted.  From your description, of one poking through and the other side ones not poking through, they are impacted.  

It sounds like you should have an oral and maxillofacial surgeon extract the teeth.  Don't have general dentist do it.  Impacted teeth are usually the type that general dentists don't handle well.  

This is not cancer, but inflammation from bacteria trapped under the gum in the area of the wisdom teeth. Get those teeth extracted and you will feel better after they heal.


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