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I had a bridge on 13-14-15. Last year the rear and outer side of 15's porcelain chipped off. My dentist recommended dental implants on 14 and 15 with a crown on 13. Went through the entire bone graft and dental implant process. Porcelain implants were put on 14 and 15 and within hours, the porcelian chipped off 15 in the same spot as it did with the bridge. The crowns were remade with mostly metal and porcelain only on the outside of the teeth. Now 2 weeks later, the porcelain chipped again in the same spot - middle rear of 15 to center of outer side of 15.

What could be causing this that I can tell my dentist to be aware of as it seems he must be missing something?

Chris -  Of course, without examining you I cannot be completely sure, but the repetitive breaking of the porcelain usually means that the breaking is occurring from a mistake in the design to fabricate the crown.  The cracking and breaking of porcelain almost always occurs by the dentist's failure to balance your bite in the fabrication and placement of the crowns.  Too heavy of hitting of the teeth against the crown will frequently cause the porcelain to crack and fall off.  The dentist needs to be honest and properly repair and fabricate a knew crown.  He needs to be sure to balance the bite, not only when closing down, but when sliding the teeth.  

So the dentist is missing and he needs to understand and properly remanufacture or refer you to a dentist he knows who could do it properly.


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