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Dentistry/dental service not done correctly


I had some dental work done on Dec. 22.  The dentist removed an old gold crown and removed the decay and then fit me for a new porcelain crown.  That afternoon after the anesthetic wore  off I was in so much pain I called their office and got the emergency number and was able to get some pain medication from the dentist.  The tooth still was giving me pain and my jaw area was bruised for over a week.  My husband suggested I see his dentist because something was not right.  I have found out by new x-rays taken on Jan. 10 that their is still decay that was missed and I need to have a root canal done.  He explained that it was so deep to begin with that he would have had a root canal done first then the be fitted for a new crown.  

My question how to handle this.  My insurance has paid the first dentist over $880.00 for the work on Dec. 22 and I've paid $440.00 using a care card.  Do I contact the first dentist about what I've found out or should I start with the insurance company who has paid her too?  

I look forward to your help in this matter.  


It sounds as if you did need the root canal first before having the crown.  Write a letter to the first dentist asking for a refund.  Send it certified mail or fax it so you have a record of it.  If you do not get a response then go to the insurance, but I doubt they pay twice.  You can always complain to your local dental society or state board as well.


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