Dr. I had my upper denture relined recently, and even though the denture is tightly sealed, it moves back and forth a little when I try to move it back and forth, and I was wondering is this normal? Also, when I put my thumbs under the denture teeth on both sides it slightly moves. I don not want any future problems, so I thought I would ask this question. Thank You

sometimes dentures have movement. it is often the result of the thickness of the gum tissue under it. some people have very tight tissue. some had what i will call thicker, flabbier tissue. these are the dentures that have movement. what you want after a reline is a good seal which is what it sounds like you have. you want the denture to stay in better. another possible idea to look into is the extent of the borders or edge of the denture. make sure these are extended enough to stop movement. these are all questions to ask your dentist. the only way to answer any of this is to go in there for an evaluation. everything might be perfect now and this slight movement might be something that can be tolerated. make the call...get in there for an evaluation. good luck

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