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I have  a white spot, or callous from having an upper denture reline that has had several adjustments in that spot. My last adjustment was 5 days ago, and the callous is still hurting. The dentist did not say what it was, just that is all he could take off. I have been leaving it out 2 hours a day, salt water, and dental gel with aloe. It is located on the back right side behind the last tooth on the upper denture. I usually hit the sore once a day when trying to eat soft food, because it is difficult not to. How long do you think it will take to get better? My dentist is very tight lipped and won't give any advise for me. Thanks

Without seeing this in person, I cannot give you any definitive answers. If it is caused by the denture then adjusting the denture should allow it to heal. If it does not go away then I would consider a second opinion if you are not getting any answers from your dentist. You can try an oral surgeon for this. These are specialist that I send patients to in order to diagnose soft tissue issues. They can biopsy areas if needed. See if thus helps. Good luck

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