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Dr. I have a white spot, or gum callus under my upper denture. The spot is located behind the last molar on the right where there is just the pink acrylic. I just has a reline done, and my dentist shaved off a lot there after he saw it. It has been over a week and still hurts. I am leaving it out, eating soft food and salt water rinse. Trying to stay off that area when chewing.  Any suggestions, on how long the callus will take to go away? Thanks

Dave - a callus in the mouth, like anywhere else in the body is due to a chronic irritation.  You dentist needs to do more to relieve the irritation.  That are of the denture could be high or with a minimally rough edge.  There are so many reason for a callus to form, if that area is truly a callus.  

My suggestion, if the dentist doesn't know what else to do, should refer you to an oral surgeon.  If it reforms, it might be a good idea to biopsy the area to make sure it is a callus and not something else.

I am not saying it is dangerous, but it could be a different situation rather than a callus.


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