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QUESTION: I have an appt soon to get two front teeth extracted & have a partial placed. I'm sebverly dental phobic tho so this is the third appt I've maade for this procedure. I cancelled the other two & I'mgetting nervous & will probly cancel this one. My teeth have to b removed bcause of periodontal main concern is w the partial. Its an immediate partial & the clinic told me I wasn't supposed to eat w it in. So how do I eat? I don't want to give up restaurant meals & eating w family. I feel like ill have to eat locked in another room. Also they told me the partial needs to stay in for 24 hrs after the extraction before removing. If so and it has to be tasken out to eat how do I eat in that period? Do I just not eat at all?this is so stressful I'm just to the point of not treating the gum disese I feel like getting this partial will be the worst mistake ill evr make at least now I can eat altho I hjave to be careful I don't want to be on a liquid diet cause I don't wanna take my teeth out to eat that's like exile I'm really not in pain I'm so scared of the dentist just calling the office makes me have an anxiety attack I'm ready to give up this has ruined my life

ANSWER: Gretchen I am  so sorry for your concern and your problem and  I'll do my best to be of help. You really  need not give up eating, firstly, the immediate partial is only temporary and you can replace it with implants or a fixed bridge or a partial that is more durable and longer lasting so don't worry too much about not being able to eat.  During the healing process you may leave the temporary partial in to eat, just don't use it to bite into anything and when you put food into your mouth, put it in on the side so your back teeth can take it from the fork and chew.  Remember, this is only a temporary measure. I am a little concerned that if your periodontal disease is that far advanced that you are in risk of infection so please, please, please get them either treated for the disease or removed.  Your dentist will be kind and gentle and you may leave this partial in during eating and when around people. Once you've healed, then you can replace it with some of the alternatives I've mentioned.  I really hope this helps and please follow through so infection doesn't set in.  Thank you for confiding in me and I'm here anytime you need to discuss something.

Dr. Karmen

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QUESTION: Thank u so much for responding so quickly. I'm scared to death to follow up & finish this phase of treatment. I just don't kno what to expect & that's scaring me the most. I don't know if I can ever get used to a bulky partial in my mouth all the time. The periodontal disease is advanced I get small but not really painful abcesses on my gum over the teeth involved about 2 or 3 times a month.I'm really so upset & confused I just can't think clearly about this process. I'm glad u took the time to answer me.

Gretchen you are very welcome and thanks for asking it.  As far as the bulky partial, remember I gave you a couple of alternatives such as implants or a fixed bridge.  The fixed bridge would attach to your adjacent teeth and thus nothing would be in the roof or your mouth and they feel very much like your own teeth.  To have implants or the bridge you absolutely must have the periodontal disease under control, the last thing you will want is full dentures. I am happy I could help and I am sure your dentist will do his/her best for you.

Dr. Karmen


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