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12 hours ago I had two molars pulled out (top and bottom) and after about 6 hours I ate mashed potato and Ice cream. After that I saw orange yellow type stuff on top of where the blood clots are. So I gently rinsed with warm salt water, but the yellow stuff was still there. So I just left it. Is this normal? And is it normal for the blood clots to be dark purple - almost black?
Later I looked again and the blood clot looks almost a brown colour and  seems to be hanging very low out of the socket especially the top whole. Is this normal? It feels as though that If I pushed with my tongue it would come out. It moves around very easily within the hole. I'm scared it will fall out and I will get dry socket or an infection.
Please Help !
This morning I woke up and checked the extraction sites and on the bottom the big brown part that was overflowing is gone!! But the top one is still there and hanging even lower :( what do I do?

Hello Jess and thank you for your question. What you are describing appears to be what I refer to as a "jelly clot".  It is an incomplete clot and as long as it is not disturbed it should be ok.  In my office I remove these and allow the socket to clot again and I have never had a dry socket develop.  You are right the color of these is very dark and they will move around easily but if you are careful it should be all right.  I guess my  suggestion is to go in and allow your dentist to look at it, possibly remove it, and allow it to clot again.  Though that sounds kind of painful it isn't and as long as one is careful in removing the clot I have always seen these clot a second time with a normal clot.  If you do that, then you are protected from a dry socket.  Thanks for your great question and I hope others read this.  If you need more assistance please feel free to write me again.

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