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Dr.I have a lower cast metal partial that is only a year and a half old. Since then my partial has sunken in place, and the clasp on the right molar cannot stay in position because I have no ridge or bone underneath, so a dentist said I need to get a soft liner to add bulk or height, and later go ahead and get a hard liner. His assistant told me that there would be only minimal reline to add, since you have no ridge left. My bite is not right, and my jaw swells every time I chew food. I don't like the idea of having to pay twice, maybe in the same year, for two relines. What do you think I should do? I don't know how long a soft reline would last, and I read on line they cost more. Thank You

a soft reline is something that is done to give relief to those who are really sore and the ridge needs the comfort of this soft liner. patients love the feel of these. some last a few months and some last a few years. this depends on which type is used. you need to discuss the fees charged for this sort of thing with your dentist. some dentists might give you a lower price for something like this since the partial is only 18 months old. others only do this for the first year. this varies from office to office. sitting down and talking with your dentist is the best way to see what he/she is thinking. ask him/her all of these questions and make sure you understand what is being used, why, how long it will last, all fees now and in the future, etc.

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