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I dont know where else to ask this but I have tonsil stones and while trying to work one out I accidentally poked one inside. It's a day later and I'm not sure if I'm just horrified by the popping sound it made pushing it in or what but I swear I can still feel it. Since then I've been brushing twice daily and rinsing with mouth wash twice also. Is that something to worry about or will it go away on its own?

Tonsil stones are merely calcified areas of sputum or saliva and do not pose a threat.  The sound you heard possibly was the opening of a duct which had been closed by infection or a scar.  It is possible that the calcification will work its way back to the surface again, which is usually what happens.  I do not see a danger but if within a few weeks it has not surfaced or made itself visible to consult an oral surgeon or an otolaryengologist and have it inspected visibly.  Do not worry as the tonsil is simply a large lymph gland and its purpose is to manufacture white blood cells to fight infection so I doubt that you have done any kind of permanent damage.

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