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my daughter is 6 years old and i have had custody of her for the past 8 months. she came to me with rotting, decaying teeth. her dentist wants to put 11 crowns and fillings in her mouth with possibly also removing the four front teeth due to decay. my question is this, i need to know if teeth in this particular state are caused over a period of time or caused within a short amount of time. {3-6} months. i tried asking her doctor for a professional right up concerning the reason why her teeth are so bad yet she told me to just look it up on google.

Hello Johnathan and thank you,

There are actually two answers to your question and the answer is that sometimes it happens quickly but more often it is over a period of time. There are so many factors, one big culpret is Mountain Dew Soda  and if your child drinks this then stop it immediately. Another is eating sweets late at night and then going to bed without proper care. I don't think your daughter has had regular checkups or this condition would not have gotten so bad and preventive measures could have been taken.   I don't know the reason for this and I would have to know her diet, her snacks, her environment, her friends and so much more.

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