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Dentistry/Dark red dot spot on bottom of inner lip (Picture album included)


Dark red dot spot on bottom of inner lip (Picture album included)

Near the end of the day, I felt something bumpy on the bottom of my inner lip.
I looked in the mirror, and I saw a dark red dot.

(Sorry if the pictures aren't clear).

Maybe I bit my lip, but I don't remember.

Does it look like it's a common spot for a lip bite?

I feel somewhat certain that I didn't feel something yesterday or this morning.

When I bite my lip good, I think it goes white (canker sore?), and hurts for a while from contact and acid.

I don't think lighter bites changed the color that much.

This red dot doesn't hurt when I touch it.

I don't recall seeing a spot so dark red.

I don't always check every bump though.

I might see my doctor soon, unless I should go in the next couple days.

Thanks for any information.

Thanks very much Jeff for the question and including pictures.  It appears to me that this is a small hemangioma which is just a small collection of blood vessels and nothing to worry about. The other possibility in this location is something called a mucocoel which is a plugged mucous duct.  Usually these will resolve on their own but occasionally must be removed by a surgeon and all he does is remove the small duct that is plugged. It is  minor surgery with little pain.  I suggest you just wait and see if it resolves or gets larger but I am pretty sure this is not cancerous especially in this location.

Dr. Karmen


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