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I was born with adult tooth 29. I've had deep filling on cavities on tooth 30, desensitization treatment, and a crown. Recently it developed a cavity under the crown and the crown was removed. During that process there was an odd sensation - tingling or such. Then a temp crown was put on with temp cement. When I chewed or bit on something, the tooth felt like it was dropping down below my jaw. It wasn't so much in pain but it just didn't feel set or a foundation. My dentist told me it would go away when the permanent crown was made. The permanent crown was made but put on with temp cement. And the feeling continued. A root canal is now in process (4 visits) and the sensation of feeling of not being set continues. The endodontist believes it is because of the temp cement. My concern is that when the root canal is done and the permanent crown is put on with permanent cement (and if the feeling continues) that something else will be wrong. what do you think? Could it just be the temp cement?

Hello Chris and thank you,

It doesn't seem to me that temporary cement could be the cause of this sensation. I'd like for perhaps two other causes one being that the tooth is cracked because of two reasons. You told me that that the tooth hard large fillings and had more decay even after a crown that was placed.  I think that with this history, it's possible that a crack has occurred and it's not always possible to visualize one of these nor do they show up on x-rays.  The other possibility is that there is an inflammation in the periodontal ligament which is the little ligament that holds the tooth to the bone. If you have had any bone loss around this tooth then it's also possible it's related to that.  I do not have an exact answer  for you but this is what I can tell from what you've told me so far.  I do not think it's the temporary cement which is what your question is what you asked me. I hope this answer is helpful.

Dr. Karmen


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