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Hi Dr Dalin,

I had my first custom made occlusal splint(for upper jaw) from my dentist yesterday. It's a clear material i think you call it the acryllic material? Anyways, when i first received the splint, i was told to put it on and i should hear a click...and it didn't seem to fit, so my dentist took the splint and adjusted it using some screw driver type thing to made it "wider". Yes there was a clear click and the splint could fit in, but there was tightness and pain towards the front teeth, which the dentist said there's nothing he could do about it as that's the shape of my teeth...but should it feel pain towards the front teeth? It felt as if theres a force pushing against my front teeth from both sides, just wearing the splint for 5 minutes and taking it off i could feel immediate pain. I am scared of wearing it any longer until i get some "professional" advise/opinion.

Thanks for your time.


splints can be a little bit tight feeling, especially when you first get one. but it should not cause pain or make it feel like the teeth are being moved around. they can be adjusted so they are not that tight. try describing what you are feeling and see if the dentist will do the adjustment. if not, you may have to get a second opinion. maybe a different dentist will do the adjustments. i hope this helps...good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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