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Hello Doctor,

I had a root canal done on first molar of top right two days ago... Now, my tooth is really sensitive to water.. Not cold water but even just the normal temperature water. 2 seconds after it touches that tooth there is excruciating pain from the tooth to the entire jaw and cheek for about 10 seconds which then slowly fades away..

Is this normal after root canal?


Hi Anee,

I'm sorry to hear this is going on. I'm afraid I have some bad news for you....there is another tooth involved. When a root canal is done, whether very well or poorly, the pulp (nerve)of the tooth is taken out and that tooth is no longer able to feel hot & cold. It can be sore, sensitive to bite, etc. but not sensitive to temperature. You can check yourself with a sliver of ice. In front of a mirror, touch each tooth in that area with the ice. Make sure it doesn't drip onto other teeth. Test one at a will soon find out which tooth is the one feeling the cold.

I suspect you will need another root canal. I would suggest that you call your dentist, explain what you are feeling and ask for help.

Sorry for the bad news. I hope this help explain what is going on.

Gary Backlund DMD,MSD


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