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Hello i got a root canal done 2 days ago and yesterday the pain was managable but was very sore when i try to bite , but today the pain is unbearable cant sleep , im on some pain medications (oxycodone) , until i can see the doc again to see what is going  on but i dont understand why it hurts 2 days after the surgery .

Hi Shane,

I'm sorry to hear you have all this going on. It makes it tough to stay positive. It sounds to me like your pain may be at least partially related to your bite. We often see this and normally it starts 2-3 days after treatment, just like what is happening to you. When the root canal is done, the process can cause some inflammation at the end of the tooth. This causes the tooth to rise out of the socket just a bit. Then you bite on it and irritate it more, the tooth comes out of the socket a little more and the cycle get progressively worse.

My advice would be to call your dentist ASAP, ask to be seen and have your bite adjusted. You will be amazed how much better it will feel. It will still take several days for things to heal and allow you to use that tooth again, but you will get better.

The is also the possibility that the treatment has stirred up the abscess as well, so your dentist may want to prescribe some antibiotics. This would also be pretty common in your situation with the amount of pain you are having.

I hope this help explain things. Please call ASAP to get into your dentist's office for a recheck.

Gary Backlund DMD, MSD


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