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Front gum redness
Front gum redness  

I have a red strip of gum between my left central and lateral incisors. It goes all the way from the papilla to the top of my mouth. It doesn't look swollen, just red, sometimes almost purple, and I occasionally get a throbbing sensation with no correlation to when I eat or drink, it seems to be completely random. There is no associated tooth pain to my knowledge, I think any pain I am feeling is in the gum or all in my head from being worried that there is something wrong with my teeth.
I did go to my dentist a few days ago, and he said there seems to be no cause for it. I don't have gingivitis. He did not take any x-rays, however.
I am a 25 year old female with no cavities or trauma to these teeth or any adjacent teeth, although I do grind my teeth. I have regular dental exams every 6 months.

Thank you for your time and advice!

Thank you for sending picture. It is better to see things in person so I really cannot diagnose this over the Internet. It really does not look like anything from what I can see. To put your mind at ease, I would get an opinion from an oral surgeon or a periodontist. They specialize  in this sort of thing. Make the call and let them see things and give you a definitive answer. Good luck...all should be fine

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