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Dentistry/intense hot/cold sensitivity on lower molar


QUESTION: My dentist thought problem arose because grinding of teeth and prescribed a mouth guard.  The opposite is true in that I think at night my teeth never touch and my normal daytime mouth position is lips closed but teeth not touching. I think without opposition from an upper tooth, the nerve has become exposed on my molar. Does that make sense? Would the dental guard help in providing oppositional pressure? Or should I be doing something altogether different.  P.S.  I also sleep on my back and wake up at least once a night with dry mouth.  I swirl a mouthful of water and go back to sleep.

ANSWER: Does your sensitive lower molar have a filling or not?

Larry Burnett DDS

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QUESTION: It is the back molar and has a very large filling


The sensitivity is most likely caused by the fact that you had a filling placed in that tooth.  This was caused by either the depth of decay and or th heat  caused by the drill or both.  Further treatment by root canal or extraction will probably be necessary.  There is a small chance it will get better by itself, but not likely..  The only thing you can do is wait for it to get better or eventually worse.

Another possibility would be new decay in that tooth, but your dentist would probably have seen that by now.

I wish I had better news for you, but unfortunately this is a common problem that eventually occurs after a tooth has been drilled or filled.  That is the reason that it is so important to prevent that first cavity from ever occurring.

Good luck,

Larry Burnett DDS


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