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10 days ago I got a cracked white filling re-filled in my back bottom tooth, and since then I cannot chew on the side of the filling because it hurts. It doesn't hurt when I clench my jaw, only when I try to chew. It is also sensitive to hot and cold. I know that new fillings can be sensitive, but I am really worried because this is the only filling I've ever had any pain or sensitivity with. I've been looking online, and I've seen quite a few people saying the same thing happened to them, and they ended up having to get a root canal to get rid of the pain! I cannot afford a root canal right now. I am getting married in a month and will be off of my parent's dental insurance, which is the whole reason I wanted to get a check up while I could. I take really good care of my teeth so I knew if I needed any work done it would only be to fix old fillings, but now I'm worried if I go back and tell my dentist my filling is bothering me he will tell me I need a root canal! I don't think the filling is too high because my bite feels perfectly fine.

Dear Emily,

It is hard to diagnose exactly what the cause of your sensitivity is, but If you were my patient and were having the symptoms that you are having, I would probably recommend one of two courses of action. One choice would be to wait and see if the symptoms get better, the other would be to remove the filling and place a sedative temporary restoration. If I place a sedative restoration and my patients sensitivity goes away, I might recommend refilling it with a composite. If a tooth has significant tooth structure removed, sometimes a crown is better than a filling.

If I place a sedative filling and a patient has no improvement, I then often recommend a root canal treatment for their tooth.


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