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QUESTION: Good Evening,

I recently went to Dental because I was having pain on number 18. The doc took a bite wing and a PA of that tooth. He said he didn't see any decay, but he noticed I had an occlusal composite filling. So 7 days ago, he removed the composite and place an amalgam filling in it. It's been a week and I am still experiencing pain to cold and it lingers. Being that the Doc said he didn't see no suspicious shades by my pulp on the radiograph, should I be concerned? He placed a base using Vitra bond and titan amalgam. Any suggestions would be great.

ANSWER: it sounds like the dentist is doing good things. he is going slowly and trying simple things first. he removed the resin and placed a base in and then a permanent filling. your pain is still there. i would now recheck the occlusion or the bite and make sure it is perfect. if still sensitive, i would then use a bite stick to check for internal cracks. the tooth could need a crown if this is found to be the case. the last resort could be a root canal. but i like that this dentist is going slowly and trying the easiest cure first. try these ideas next. good luck

jeff dalin, dds

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QUESTION: They used a tooth sloth and it did not detect a fracture. It only hurts when I chew on it and hot/cold. Is this tooth gonna need a pulpectomy?

the tooth sleuth is used to detect did not hurt when you released so that means there is not a crack present (or a very small one if any). i would now have the bite checked. perhaps it needs some adjustment. after that i would see if it is improving at all. if it is a nerve thing, the symptoms usually steadily get worse. if you notice improvement, even if it is slight, then i would hold off and take things one day at a week at a time. if pain persists or gets worse, then you will need the nerve checked out. good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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