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Hello had sines lift and bone graft to replace #3 about  6 days ago, i went to see my O.S for fallow up. She said every thing is looking good but i told her i have throbbing on my #4 and #5 tooth which  are already had root canal done. I'm taking ibuprofen for now. But why i have pain on my next two teeth ????? By the way i have night guard too do to grinding and crunching at night. Can you PLEASE help me to understand why i have lots of discomfort on those teeth? x-ray shows no infection and i am taking my Clydomyson and my Nasonx too !!
Thank you

Monica - Of course, without examining you or viewing xray films, it is a little difficult for me to be sure, but from the symptoms you describe, on of two possible causes come to mind.

1) The surgery may have stirred up a sinusitis in the region of teeth #4 & 5

2) During the surgery and the sinus lift, the surgery irritated or violated the roots of the two teeth and causing inflammation of the ligament surrounding the teeth and holding it to the bone.

Of course, I cannot be sure, but the second sounds more likely, but you also might have a sinus inflammation.

You need the surgeon to be a little more attentive and better define the cause of your pain and address it.


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