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Doc please help. I have got dry socket the last few days an the pain is one of the worse I can recall. An I'm 6'1" 245lbs an played college football. So I know pain. An this is kicking my butt. My dds I just started going to. Has the worse bed side manners if ever seen. He was more worried at yelling at me for not listening to him than wanting to help. He put me on vicoden. It helps a bit but still killing me. An seems to hurt the most when I go to bed. Haven't sleep for more than 2 hrs at a time in 3 days. Please, Please help me. What can I do to get some sleep an relief? An how long will this last?

you may need to get a second opinion...i would call an oral surgeon. some people pack medicaments right into the dry socket to help things along. if you are not comfortable with your dentist, then first try explaining things to this dentist and see if he will change his attitude and change what he is doing. if you get nowhere, make the call to another dentist, preferably an oral surgeon. these things can last a week or so but get better quicker when treated. good luck

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