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Dentistry/grey/bruise looking color under implant that was done 2 years ago


Tonight when I was flossing I noticed a discoloration beneath an implant I had done almost 2 years ago. The military did the implant to replace a baby tooth that never came out. I have never noticed it before. It's this something to be concerned about? Do you know what could have caused it? There is no pain or sensitivity in our around the area. Thank you for your time.

Tammy thank you for a great question,

I doubt it's anything about which to worry but to be safe I'd have an x-ray done.  It could have been from over zealous flossing, or something hard you had eaten or even possibly grinding your teeth during the night or day if you had been stressed.  Without seeing it it is difficult to say but since it's asymptomtic and fairly new it most likely has been from some kind of trauma.  I doubt there is a problem with the implant as usually they are solid and since you did not say anything about a change in how you were biting or pain or mobility I am pretty sure the implant is fine.

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