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Dr. Tieg. My prosthodontist wants to give me an office hard reline, after changing from a lab reline because he said not enough impression material would be on my lower cast metal partial, because I have lost a lot of bone and now the partial is sinking on the right side. I am worried about the chemicals that are in my mouth, because it has to cure. I told them I had a sore spot and he knows I have a callus that has been there for years. He cannot get me in the office until March 4th.  Thanks

JoAnn  - Without visualizing the callus or sore spot it is a little difficult for me to tell you if handling those areas first might be advantageous to get a better result.  If those areas are inflammatory induced they need to resolve first to achieve a proper overall result.  So unfortunately, you might be without any partial if they are inflammatory in origin.  If your prosthodontist cannot give you an answer or cure those areas first, holding off and letting those areas heal first would be better for a good result.


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