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Dr. Tieg, I have had  jaw swelling from a bad occlusion for over two and a half years. Since I have a lot of lower mandible bone loss, no matter how strong my metal partial is, the dentist just can't get the bite correct. I have tried amoxicillin 875 mg. but since there is no bacteria, just water I guess, does not help. I have had CT scan in hospital, and it was normal. ENT doctor said no gland problems when he checked me. I guess it is TMJ swelling, that cannot get resolved. I have even tried liquid diet for a week, but there is always swelling. Can this be drained, or would it come back? Thanks

Jim - I am not sure that the swelling is due exclusively by bite problem.  I need a little more information before I can better answer your question.  

Where exactly is the swelling?  Does the size of the swelling always remain the same or does it change in size at times?  Besides the swelling, is there pain?  If so, where?  Could you possibly have a picture taken and send it to me on this website?

Hope to hear from you soon.


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