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Dentistry/Pain 3 months after root canal #7


I had a root canal in #7 on 10/29/13.  I have since had daily continual pain , sometimes dull aching but always tender and VERY sore to the touch.  This is 24/7 just touching the tooth any direction or rolling my tongue over it. My endodontist has taken a 3d cone beam x-ray and said all looks fine with the root canal.  I even went to another endo for a second opinion and was told the same thing. He said that it appeared that the crown (permanent one!) my be leaking and to have it removed, which I did 12/16/13 and I now have a temp on it.  Pain continues daily, feel like I am in the movie groundhog day! Also, after having the 3d cone beam x-ray another problem showed that I was not aware of.  An old root canaled tooth #14(with a bridge on it!) shows a small lesion at the root tip and I was told I would need a retreat for that!  I have absolutely no pain in that area but was told that the x-ray did not show all of the tooth, buccal roots not fully included.  It was stated that #14 Periapical rarefying osteitis (ie, abscess, granuloma or radicular cyst)Help!  Any advice would be truly helpful.  My main concern to date is the #7 and what can possibly be causing the pain if all looks ok.  Thank you for your advice.

Hi Susan,

I am sorry to hear about this.

The only thing that makes sense to me is that the tooth has a fracture in it. In that case, you will not see it on the xray or 3D CT scan. The only solution in this situation is to remove the tooth. Of course, that would then necessitate a dental implant or bridge replacement.

As for the other tooth, sometimes, there can be scar tissue that appears like a dark spot on the xray. Of course, a better xray would be needed. However, it does not mean treatment is necessary. If the bridge has been in place fro many years and there is no pain or discomfort, I would advise to monitor the area for the time being and to take periodic xrays. If the lesion is changing in size, then you would want to treat it.

I hope you get better soon!


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