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On Thursday, 2/13 I had a filling done in tooth 4.  After the numbness wore off I felt pressure in that area when chewing, not really pain, but just a feeling of pressure or tightness.  So, I went back to the dentist to have him fix the bite.  However, the pressure or tightness feeling actually is coming from tooth 3.  This tooth was fine prior to the filling. After the filling an impressiong was taken of my mouth so a mouth guard could be made as my front teeth appear to be grinding.

Today I still feel the pressure and tightness in tooth 3.
Since tooth 3 was fine before Thursday and isn't the tooth that had the filling, what could be the reason that I am feeling this pressure and tightness in tooth 3?  Could it be referral pain from tooth 4?  Tooth 4 (that had the filling) now feels fine.

the only way  this can be related is in an indirect way. if #4 was the tooth taking much of your biting forces and you change it with a new filling, the bite forces may then start hitting #3 more instead. you had #4 checked and adjusted. did they check and adjust #3? you may need it checked out. this is really the only idea i can come up with here. you only had #4 worked on so there was nothing done to #3. see if this idea works. good luck

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