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Dr. Dalin, I went to a Prosthodontist that charges $200.00 dollars more than any dentist I have went to.  I have an acrylic lower partial that needs a reline, because of gums changing or shrinking. He pushes as hard as he can, and say's it is flush with the other teeth, but I told him when he does this it sinks to low, and visibly showed him behind my tongue what the partial is doing( causing irritation and sores. Then he say's he will build it up and come in for a hard reline. Does this make any since? I walk out of the office in pain because he say's this is the correct position the partial should be, but then contradicts his self. He has been a dentist since 1983. Thanks

specialists often charge higher fees...but you cannot say all do that plus some general dentists might charge more. this varies from dentist to dentist. what you need to do is feel comfortable with the dentist you choose and make sure you are both on the same page. if you are not feeling comfortable, get a second opinion. this is the best way to go at this point. make sure this dentist knows that you are uncomfortable with this position. if you get nowhere, then consider the second opinion. good luck

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