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So I went to see a root canal specialist and they said he would have to redo it for 1400$. Im really frusturated I already paid for a root canal, WHY WASNT IT DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. I feel like he ripped me OFF. Can I sue him? Is tht negligance?

Hello Kimberley,

I certainly sense your frustration and perhaps anger too.  I know it's difficult when things don't go as planned but it's hard to say why a root canal fails unless there is a root that has had a hole made in it or it is cracked through the center or there is recurrent infection or a variety of other things that can go wrong.  It doesn't necessarily mean that the root canal was not done properly.  Yes you can sue but I'm not sure you would win nor do I think you'd find it cost effective to do so and believe me I know how you feel and how difficult this might be for you.  Dentistry is not an exact science like all health professions, root canals do fail on occasion I guess my suggestion would be to follow the advice of the specialist and put some trust in him.  Ask for his prognosis before you start and then decide. The success right for root canals is well over 90% and it's unfortunate this has happened to you and I'm very sorry that it die. I probably have not answered you as you'd like but I am being honest about the situation and you have my sympathy and empathy.

Dr Karmen


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