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Helo, I have a general kind of question. I have had some of my molars pulled top and bottom on both sides it's been a few years ago now and I am noticing my other molars and surrounding teeth are going bad I didn't take good care of my teeth when I was a child because of family issues and what not but I have been for years now! And I can't afford most insurance.I get headaches from what I think may be mybad overbite that is also crooked or offset if that makes sense. So I guess the main question is where should I start?

Hi Nicole,

You should start with evaluation of the bite and temporary removable dentures to establish normal vertical relationships between your jaws. Then you should observe for reduction of your headaches and any other symptoms you may have, related to the bad bite. Once stability of the bite is achieved, you and your dentist can explore options for permanent solution. It would include evaluation and prognosis of the rest of your teeth; evaluation of the bone; possibilities for tooth-borne or implant-borne fixed or removable permanent prosthesis.

The first step is relatively inexpensive; it will buy you time to organize for the full treatment.


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