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Dentistry/Dental Implant moves and hurts to eat


I had a dental implant put in about 1 and 1/2 years ago.  Waited 6 months for the crown.  Has always hurt to chew hard foods.  Was getting "zingers" and my regular dentist adjusted my bite.  The zingers went away but felt like my tooth was too tall.  Went back in 6 months and my regular dentist adjusted my bite again.  Suggested I go back and see the dentist who put in the implant. I did. He tried to remove the crown to look underneath but although the screw was removed completely, no amount of pulling would release the crown.  Now he wants me to come back so he can numb and sedate me, remove the old implant and insert a new, larger one.  Why won't the crown come off.  He says he has never seen this happen before.  I am scared.  Is this a rare occurrence?  Should I get a second opinion?

Rita - without examining the implant and crown, it is a little difficult.  The dentist who put in the screw may have over tightened and changed the metal screw.  It may not be line up between the screws and it changed the internal metal shape so it will not unscrew.  

This is rare and if he cannot remove it and just wants to remove the implant, get a second opinion from a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon.  I hope it is nothing and can be separated.


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