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Hello Dr Teig. I broke my left front tooth.  I then had the rest of the tooth pulled  I went to a dentist who advised me that because of my bite (my bottom teeth overlapped my top teeth) too much pressure is put on that tooth and it would always break.  I had braces inserted and had the surgery shortly thereafter. I was wired for 11 days. Torture!!  Anyways I now wear a partial for that tooth and some more missing teeth. I do not like my facial appearance, I sometimes bite my lip and jaw which causes my lips to swell (huge; I look terrible) because of the bacteria and I do not like my appearance  my left nostril is bigger than the right.  The surgery made my top teeth overlap my bottom teeth.  Can I get this surgery reversed?  I am willing to be wired again

Cheryl - The overlap of the upper front teeth over the lower front teeth is proper.  It is a relationship that creates a stable bite and allows a facial support.  Saying that, if the doctors did an incorrect alignment of the other teeth or allow the teeth to create too much of an overlap, that will produce a facial change.  The molar teeth and the eye teeth are the pillars of the bite and the face.  If those teeth were not properly placed or established, the face can be affected.

Saying all that, the problem with your feeling that the surgery was done wrong is probably due to the surgeon and orthodontist not advising you, in advance, what changes would occur.  That is critical.  It is surgery on you and you have the right to be shown in advance what the result will be.  

My suggestion is that you get a second opinion from a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon.  I don't know what a different surgeon will say, but getting that opinion from a very skilled surgeon should help give you piece of mind as to what can be done to make you more satisfied.  

So if you wish to get a proper second opinion, I can refer you to other surgeons.  If you are interested in a second opinion, get back to me, tell me where you live and I will send you names of knowledgeable doctors near you.


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