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Dentistry/pain on chewing after composite filling - crown?


Hi Dr Mayank,

I recently had a filling replaced in my first lower left molar because of decay.  My dentist said it was a deep filling.
A week later I noticed sharp pain while eating a sandwich made from crusty bread. It only occurred occasionally.

I saw my dentist again who checked the bite. The only way she managed to isolate the tooth bothering me was when she refine my bite. It was while drilling on the filling on one cusp of my tooth. A sharp nerve pain.  

My dentist said I must have a crack and recommended a crown. I asked whether there could be a problem with the bonding of the composite filling recently placed and she said "no if that was the case you would have pain all the time while biting.  

I am currently trying to conceive and I want to a avoid dentistry while pregnant.

My question is, which of the following are best options:
1. Do nothing and avoid chewing on that side of my mouth (at least until after baby born if I manage to conceive)
2. Ask to have the filling replaced (I did talk mid filling procedure and I wonder if the composite was contaminated with saliva).  But I am worried I will make the problem worse with more drilling and filling.  My dentist did offer to replace the filling with a temporary filling and see how that went - but she said that would only be for my peace of mind).
3. Rush in and get the crown at a cost of $2300.  The thing playing on my mind is that an implant only costs $2500.

Ultimately my primary concern is pregnancy and safety of baby, and time is of the essence with trying to conceive because I am 38. I really want to avoid dental treatment while pregnant.  I worry a b out infection too if I do nothing.

I would very much appreciate you advice :-)

hi jodie
let me add to your confusion: go ahead get a root canal done and then a crown. that way the problem of pain will get solved permanently and you would be able to enjoy your pregnancy!

so in a sense i am going with option 3

best wishes dear

dr m


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