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I had a root canal two years ago in tooth 26 which was incomplete. A dentist in Greece, instead of completing the root canal, extracted the tooth. He then drilled the two adjacent teeth to prepare for a bridge. That is when the pain started in tooth 27, top left - as a result of his drilling. He then pulled the nerve out of tooth 27 and sent me to someone else to have a root canal in that tooth. The root canalist saw me for several sessions over several weeks to do the root canal but the pain did not abate. It hurts also to talk.

I have had a number of diagnoses following that but they all disagree with one another. Some say I should have the root canal done again because there is inflammation there; others say that having the root canal repeated would exacerbate the situation; others that the muscle was damaged; others say that the muscle is fine and the pain in that area is reflected from the tooth; others say that maybe there is a abscess behind the tooth and an operation will solve the problem; others say that if I remove the tooth the pain will go. The X rays and CAT scans don't appear to show anything. Some suggested the nerve was damaged but the others  disagreed with that.

My inclination is either to have the root canal done again or to have the tooth removed but I am desperate not to make another mistake

If you could possibly offer me guidance I would be so really grateful. Thankyou

Polly, thank you and wow you have had a difficult journey.  I wish I had an xray from before and after treatment and also from now.  But I'll do my best to help.  It is possible this tooth has a cracked root and this is causing a problem for you. Much of what others have said is possible.  The muscle is fine, don't worry about that.  I would advise against an operation and I would not extract the tooth yet.  The least invasive is to do the root canal again but my suggestion is to have this tested several times to be certain this is the problem tooth.  There are other things that can be involved but I won't confuse you. I think if I were you I'd redo the root canal and then go from there. If you do that and need to talk with me again then let me know and I'll try to help.

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