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I have just a 4 tooth dental bridge fitted by my dentist, the bridge feels great with no pain.  However the texture of the bridge is not smooth, it feels grainy against my tongue, as if there is grit under the glaze.  I had 2 front crowns done by the same dentist last year and they feel great, the texture is smooth and glass like.  The Bridge is upper back 4 teeth.  This is irritating me no end.   My question is, can this be polished smooth in my mouth without harming the glaze or should I request a new bridge??? Will removing the bridge harm the original teeth underneath???
Many thanks

if it fits well, then i would definitely try to have it polished in the mouth. there are wheels and pastes that work very well. your dentist should be able to do this for you. just ask. taking off a bridge usually will not harm the underlying teeth if done in atraumatic way. i like to cut a slot and peel things off...i do not like the removers that tend to bang on the teeth. but if it fits well and feels good, do not take it off...polish it. good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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